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Orbit Books
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Orbit Books is an international publisher that specialises in science fiction and fantasy books. It was founded in 1974 as part of the Macdonald Futura publishing company. In 1992, its parent company was bought by Little, Brown & Co., at that stage part of the Time Warner Book Group. In 2006, Orbit's parent company was sold to the French publishing group Hachette Livre and Orbit Books became a division of Lagardère Publishing.

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NameAuthor CreditsFormatISBNRelease Date
The Cyberiad?Paperback?1977
Leviathan Wakes (Kindle Edition)James S. A. CoreyeBook?2011-06-02
Leviathan Wakes (Paperback)James S. A. CoreyPaperback978-0-316-12908-42011-06-15
Ancillary Justice?Paperback978-0-356-50240-32013
Abaddon's GateJames S. A. CoreyPaperback?2013-06-04
Ancillary Sword?Paperback03162466542014-10-07
The Fifth Season?Paperback978-0-316-22929-62015-08-04
Ancillary Mercy?Paperback03162466892015-10-06
Ancillary Mercy?eBook97814055258622015-10-06
Blood of ElvesAndrzej SapkowskiPaperback978-0-316-43898-82017-10-03
Leviathan Wakes (10th Anniversary Edition)James S. A. CoreyHardcover03163334252021-09-21
The Ministry For The FutureKim Stanley RobinsonHardcover0356508838?
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