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NameDescriptionEntity TypeOwnerLast Modified
DeichmanskeBøker hos Deichmanske (I Oslo)EditionCatQuest, the Endeavouring Cat!2021-02-27 14:51:57
books that I have readWorknull_radix2021-02-24 08:30:38
splintered8080My book collectionEditionsplintered80802021-02-23 16:40:09
Gustav-Landauer-Bibliothek WittenBooks in our library (incomplete).EditionGustav Landauer Library Witten2021-02-19 21:36:30
BookcrossingBooks up for grabsEdition3Johnny2021-02-11 14:16:20
Books I borrowedEditionMonkey2021-01-30 15:48:15
Read (2020)Editionregagain2021-01-18 20:50:29
Read (2021)Books I read in 2021.Editionregagain2021-01-17 21:40:03
Currently readingBooks that I'm currently readingEditionregagain2021-01-17 21:39:38
Read authors – want moreAuthors I have read and that I want to read more fromAuthorregagain2021-01-10 16:07:40
Authors I want to readAuthorregagain2021-01-09 09:27:21
my libraryWorkshalini062021-01-06 17:41:43
Want to read (fr)Workregagain2021-01-06 12:43:52
lettoquello che fa montalbanoWorkkyyabe2021-01-03 17:53:34
Want to read (en)Workregagain2020-12-31 16:42:52
private 1private 1 and private 2 Workendurance212020-12-30 20:01:35
asWorkendurance212020-12-30 19:52:18
Want to read (sv)Workregagain2020-12-30 19:04:12
books i done readWorklingawakad2020-12-30 06:48:50
Read authorsAuthors I have readAuthorregagain2020-12-28 07:16:13