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Public Collections

NameDescriptionEntity TypeEntitiesOwnerLast Modified
Gustav-Landauer-Bibliothek WittenBooks in our library (incomplete).Edition588Gustav Landauer Library Witten2023-06-08 09:11:35
My booksEdition3381indy1332023-06-08 08:22:47
Gustav-Landauer-SammlungSammlung von Medien innerhalb der Gustav-Landauer-Bibliothek Witten rund um Gustav Landauer.Edition104Gustav Landauer Library Witten2023-06-06 14:17:58
Owned BooksEdition6lazybookwyrm2023-05-05 13:08:21
Wobblies, members of the IWWPeople who were, at one point or another, a registered wobbly, member of the IWW, the Industrial Workers of the World. See also similar collection on MusicBrainz: 10:42:55
MedizinWork15Fabian2023-04-28 19:47:18
Politik/Geschichte/GesellschaftWork13Fabian2023-04-28 18:46:16
HochbegabungWork16Fabian2023-04-23 19:37:55
SchrottlisteBücher, die man sich sparen kann.Work1Fabian2023-04-17 04:56:06
My ShelvesEdition2aerozol2023-03-12 20:49:19
RaZZlom Library (Works)Work8RaZZlom2023-03-09 08:59:37
My Favourite BooksI love to read these books.Author2vivekumar082023-03-07 18:36:33
My booksWork5Jonas2023-03-03 13:31:48
my bookshelfphysical books I ownEdition13UltimateRiff2023-02-26 21:57:31
Brony fanfictiona collection of Brony fan-stories based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. see also my Brony Artist Index on MusicBrainz, where I'm more active: 07:13:04
my read listbooks I've finished~Edition5UltimateRiff2023-02-25 07:04:02
my reading listbooks I'm either currently reading or haven't finishedEdition4UltimateRiff2023-02-24 19:16:41
ReadWork0jiwoo2023-02-05 14:50:42
My editions shelfEdition16Gigi Musina2022-12-30 19:44:52
ProjectThe Books in My Collection Work0polite.potato2022-11-27 18:23:28