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We aim to make it as easy as possible to use the data stored in BookBrainz. If you’re a developer wanting to make programs that depend on BookBrainz, we have a web service available, and are releasing database dumps regularly.

Web Service / API

The web service is the primary way of getting BookBrainz data. The key advantage of using the web service over the dumps is that you don’t need to install any database engine — you can access the data through the internet. The web service is currently in alpha version and a live documentation is served at this address.

Database Dumps

The database dumps will be useful if you need to process a lot of data quickly — in cases where the web service is not able to respond quickly enough. The latest database dump can be found at this address. A dump is made every week.

Source Code

BookBrainz runs on open source software. If you wish to access the source and contribute to the project, please see our github page.